AM211 Fully automatic high-speed one-time tinning&Single-chip microcomputer controls one end pressing and twisting wire dip tin machine

  • Model: AM211
  • Brand: Aituo
  • Delivery: 7 days
  • Warranty: 1 year


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  1. Exquisite, compact design, excellent conception, small footprint
  2. KINCO touch screen operation menu is easy to learn and understand
  3. Rapid replacement of processes and materials
  4. Efficient stepping drive, terminal machine motor is servo, high precision and fast speed
  5. Easy to maintain
  6. High cost performance
  7. Fully digital debugging, fully customizable full servo models

Voltage: AC220V/50/60HZ

Crimping force: 4--6(kgs)

Weight: 500kg

Productivity: 4000-6000pcs/h (calculated by single lead)

Function: wire cutting、double-ended peeling、one end crimping、one end shell through、tinning and twisting

Wire size: AWG#20-#28(Wire diameter less than 2.5mm)

Wire color:Optional 2~10

Cutting length: 10mm-1000mm (Set 0.1mm unit)

Cutting accuracy: Tolerance 0.1mm+

Stripping length: 1.0mm-10mm

Stripping length accuracy: tolerance ±0.1mm

Crimping machine: 19600N (servo crimping machine)

Crimping stroke: 30mm

General crimping tool: general OTP crimping tool (split die)

Detection cover: check whether the air pressure is low or not、check whether there are wires or not、check whether the crimping is wrong or not、check whether there are terminals or not、 terminal insertion detection、 CCD detection (optional), pressure sensor device (optional)


Control method: MCU control

Internal control voltage: DC24V

Voltage: single-phase ~AC200V/220V 50HZ 10A

Compressed air: 0.5MPA, about 170N/MIN

Operating temperature range: 15℃-inner 30℃

Operating humidity range: 30%-80%RH, no condensation

Warranty period: 2000 hours or 1 year (except for consumables)

Weight: about 500KG

The machine is mainly used in automobiles, electric vehicles, toy lighting, photovoltaic and new energy industries.


Accessories: Mould, Blade









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