AM-SSD-01 Smart Sonic Device

  • Model:AM-SSD-01
  • Brand: Aituo
  • Delivery: 5-7 DAYS
  • Warranty: 1 YEAR


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Smart sonic device-the secret to let you relax all day
Have enough sleep, give your health body.

--Anti aging
--Improve sleeping
--Regulate immunity

Give you a sweet sleep as your baby
Physiotherapy + sleep
Dredge channels and collaterals
Qi and blood microcirculation
Easy to fall asleep


Efficacy 1 Dredge all the meridians and channels
The sound waves dredge the main twelve meridians and the eight extra-channels at the same time, improving every meridian up and down the body

Efficacy 2 Improve microcirculation
Unblock the clogged microcirculation system, accelerate the flow of qi and blood, and increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients in the blood

Efficacy 3 Five Zang-organs and six Fu-organs
Improve the function of the body's internal organs, restore the body's internal organs to the best condition, and allow the body to operate normally.

Efficacy 4 Deep sleep
Transmit high-simulation biological sleep waveforms to make the brain enter deep sleep




Power adapter: 5V/2A
Sound wave frequency range: 0Hz-110Hz
Sound wave intensity: 10 degrees
δWave output load:500Ω/10%
δWave pulse voltage: 0Vp-1.5Vp
δWave pulse frequency:0.5Hz-3Hz
δWave pulse width: 0.25-1s
δWave intensity: 10 degrees
Input power: 10V
Rated voltage: AC220-240V
Rated current: 0.6A
Product size: 150*78*30mm
Product net weight: 210 grams
Electrical classification: Ⅱ Btype
Ear clip output voltage: 0.1V-1V
Working time: 10, 20, 30, 45, 60 minutes

Operate step:

1. Place the white shells of the four sonic heads against the skin and place them on two palms and two palms respectively. The palms of the hands can be held lightly. Do not hold too tightly, so as not to affect the flow of air; the buckles on the feet The strap should be fixed, and the buckle should not be too tight, and the sonic head should be flat against the sole of the foot.
2. This method is suitable for whole body treatment, head, neck, shoulder, limb diseases, and initial treatment of indications.
3. Dip the cotton part of the ear clip of the resonator with water and clip it to the ear lobe.
4. Lie still, relax your whole body, and don't talk to others.
5. After pressing the start button, relax the whole body muscles.
6. After the set time is over, the resonator will automatically stop.



Charging Cable
A pair of ear clips
2 treatment heads
4 cable ties
Product Manual