AM-618 Rotating magnetic Qi and blood healty-preserving device

  • Model: AM-618
  • Brand: Aituo
  • Delivery: 5-7 days
  • Warranty: 1 year


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Sonic dredge the channels
Music imagination
Co-frequency resonance

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It has not only good looks, but also inner beauty
A/B two-way output, 10 levels of intensity adjustable, 30 minutes timing


Product precautions
Prohibited use

Please do not use this treatment device if you are using the following medical electronic equipment
* Those who use medical electronic devices embedded in the body such as pacemakers
* Those who use medical electronic devices for life support such as artificial hearts
* Those who use installed medical electronic equipment such as electrocardiographs

The following patients who are prohibited from using therapeutic equipment
-Severe heart disease
-Patients with gastric bleeding
-Pregnant women
-Patients with damaged skin
-Patients with cerebral hemorrhage
-High fever patients
-Pacemaker patients



Product name    Rotating magnetic Qi and blood healty-preserving device
Product model    AM-618
Power supply     220VJ+/-10% 50HZ+/-5%
Operating voltage      AC220V 50HZ
Product power       <30W
Acoustic frequency        10~100HZ
Sound volume         20db~60db
Operating conditions            Ambient temperature 5-40 relative humidity <80%
Size       37*24*10CM
Net weight           1.4KG



3 waveforms
Adjustable intensity
Imaginary music
Large screen display
Voice broadcast

Far infrared therapy
The graphene heat in the sonic head produces a warming effect. The far-infrared heat penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue to expand capillaries, promote blood circulation, and quickly relieve stiffness and swelling fatigue. The far-infrared emitted by graphene is almost the same frequency as the human body, and it penetrates the human body more efficiently

Imaginary music therapy
The regular sound wave vibration of music will cause the human tissue cells to have a harmonious resonance phenomenon, improve the functions of the nervous cardiovascular and endocrine systems, regulate the flow of blood vessels and nerve conduction in the body, help eliminate bad mental states and improve stress ability


Two pulse method
Place the two sonic heads on the belly button and the middle of the back waist, and fix them with straps, which can be separated by thin clothes such as underwear

Same frequency resonance therapy
The waveform released by the sonic wave head and the biological wave of the human body achieve the same frequency resonance; through the resonance, the low-frequency energy is upgraded to the high-frequency energy to achieve healing.