AM-HOD-7L 7L-A new generation of home oxygen machine

  • Model: AM-HOD-7L
  • Brand: Aituo
  • Delivery: 7-10 working days
  • Warranty: 1 year


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Core function 1: Negative ion function

While you are inhaling oxygen, you can click the negative ion button to turn on the negative ion function.

Core function 2: Take a deep breath, love the car life

You can enjoy safe and healthy oxygen inhalation while traveling by car. The body is small and exquisite, it is convenient to use the on-board function when going out, and it is convenient for oxygen users to inhale oxygen when going out at any time, which helps the long-distance driver to concentrate.

Core function 3: 360° remote control

Supplemental oxygen requires more than car remote control technology. Ergonomic design size, easy remote control with one hand. Simplicity but not simple design!

Core function 4: Low noise for a sound sleep

Low mute decibels, fresh air, peaceful sleep.

Core function 5: 7L large flow, double oxygen inhalation

Large flow, up to 7L, supports double oxygen inhalation. Newly upgraded, seven gears of 1L-7L can be adjusted to meet the oxygen requirements of more people.


Product Brand: AM-HOD-7L

Product Name: A new generation of home oxygen device

Oxygen concentration: 26%-90% adjustable

Oxygen flow: 1-7L/Min Five gears adjustable

Negative oxygen ions: 500W/cm³

Running noise: 36dBA-45dBA

Weight: 6.0kg±5%

Dimension: 325*180*350mm

Rated Power: 110W

Rated Voltage: AC220V±15V,50±1HZ

Air pressure range: 96Pa-106Pa

Ambient temperature: 0℃-40℃

Display control: LED display + remote control

Household oxygen generator



Core components 1: French high-end imported molecular sieve

Molecular sieve imported from France with 15-year warranty. Each pill is carefully selected and strictly controlled, so that the oxygen concentration can reach 90%. The oxygen production is clean and stable, and the oxygen content is higher.

Core components 2: All copper oil-free compressor

Adopting all-copper compressor, high oxygen production and stable flow. This compressor comes with overheating protection device and spring shock and noise reduction design, so that the compressor has a long service life.